Food from the Hart


Let’s face it… Martha makes us all feel bad about ourselves as hosts.  Not many people have the time to cut snowflake doilies out of construction paper or the space to throw an elaborate garden party for 20. But we all love a good get together with friends and family. And we could all use more reasons to celebrate!

Big Parties / Small Spaces is an urbanites’ guide to throwing memorable parties in small spaces on tight budgets. Our time and money saving tips will not only help you be a host Martha would be impressed by, but leave your friends looking for the next invite!

Love the ideas but don’t want to go through the hassle of planning, cooking and cleaning? Check out Food from the Hart.  Food from the Hart is personal chef and catering company that creates unique culinary and event experiences.

We’ll take care of everything at your next bash – soup to nuts – literally.

Happy Partying!

  1. Love the new site !!

  2. great job

    • This is a fabulous website. I love the ideas. I am not very clever when it comes to throwing parties so this website helped me. I wanted to throw a Super Bowl party and I will follow the ideas and recipes on this excellent website.

  3. love this site!!!!!!! thanks for taking care of the soul as well as the stomach!

  4. Nice work! Looks great! Way to make moves 🙂

  5. Brilliant business niche, website has excellent information – will pass this on!!

  6. What a great site! I throw tons of parties in my teeny apartment, so I definitely consider it an art form.

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