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5 Classic Cocktails You Need to Know How to Make

In Features on March 18, 2011 at 3:22 pm

As mixology becomes increasingly popular there are some many new drinks and combinations to try.  However, the classics haven’t fallen out of fashion.  These 5 cocktails might be old but they are still good!  If you can master making these guys, you’ll be able to experiment on your own to make a million fun variations.


Makes 1 drink

1/4 cup fresh juice (orange, pomegranate, passion fruit, blood orange)

1/2 cup Champagne or sparkling wine (like Prosecco or Cava)

Pour the juice into a champagne flute and top off with Champagne.  Serve with fruit wedge.

For a variation – Use white peach juice to make a Bellini.  Or try combining two or three juices with the Champagne for a mix fruit flavor.  You could even try some variations with flavored liquor like St. Germain (elderflower liquor) or Creme de Cassis.


Makes 1 drink

1 1/2 ounces (1 jigger) dry gin or vodka

2 teaspoons dry vermouth


Lemon, lime or olive for garnish

Pour the gin or vodka and vermouth into a shaker with ice.  Shake vigorously.  Strain the liquor into a chilled martini glass and garnish.

Quick tip – The key to a good martini is not only good liquor but a well chilled glass.  Speed up the chilling process, put ice and cold water into the martini glass while you are making the martini.  Pour our before you strain the martini.

Bloody Mary

Makes 1 drinks

1 1/2 ounces (1 jigger) good vodka

1/2 cup tomato juice

2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce (or to taste)

1 shake of Tabasco (or to taste)


1 celery stalk

1 lemon wedge

Combine vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire, and Tabasco in a shaker.  Add 1 cup of ice.  Shake vigorously.  Pour into a glass with the ice.  Garnish with celery and lemon.  Add salt and pepper of desired.

Spice it up– For another twist, add a shrimp cocktail to the bloody mary or a piece of bacon.  You can really create a whole meal out of one of these guys.


Makes 1 drink

1 1/2 ounces (1 jigger) good citrus vodka

2 tablespoons triple sec

2 tablespoons Rose’s lime juice or fresh squeezed

3 tablespoons cranberry juice



Combine vodka, triple sec, lime juice, cranberry and 1 cup of ice in a shaker.  Shake vigorously.  Strain into a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with the lime.


Margarita on the Rocks

Makes 1 drink

Salt for the rim (optional)

1 1/2 ounces (1 jigger) good tequila (100% agave)

2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

1 tablespoon Cointreau



Rub a lime wedge along the rim of your glass.  Pour salt on a small plate and dip the moistened glass rim into the salt.  Pour tequila, lime and Cointreau in a shaker with ice.  Pour into the salt-rimmed glass and serve right away.

A different way – This is probably one of the most versatile drinks out there.  To make this frozen, simply combine all the ingredients in a blender with lots of ice.  To try adding a little simple syrup for a sweeter flavor or swapping out the lime juice for peach, grapefruit or mango.


Art & Science Behind Stocking Your Bar

In Features on February 4, 2011 at 3:46 pm

Stocking your bar before a party can be tricky.  There’s no definitive formula, but here are some tips to help keep you on track.

Do What You Can Ahead of Time

  • Purchase all your liquor and wine in advance.  It will cut down on party day stress. You might even consider having it delivered if you live in an area where that is available.
  • Cut and organize your garnishes like lemons, limes, olives, cherries, onions the day before.  Store them in plastic bags and pop them in the fridge.

Alcohol Fun Facts

  • One bottle of wine is equal to 750 mL or 24.4 fluid ounces.  There are about 5 servings in a bottle.  Most bartenders recommend 1/2 bottle per person.
  • One fifth of liquor is approximately 750 mL or 25 fluid ounces.  There are about 13 two-ounce shots in each bottle.  It’s safe to say a fifth will serve 12 people.
  • At a dinner party, assume guests will have one drink before dinner, two glasses of wine with dinner and one drink every hour after that.
  • For a cocktail party, assume guests will have two drinks in the first hour and one to one and a half drinks every hour after.

The Art

  • Think about the profile of your guests.  Do they like wine? Any big beer drinkers? Prefer vodka over whiskey? You know they love to party.  Adjust your bar set up accordingly.
  • Consider the season, time of day and day of the week.  In fall/winter, guests are more likely to go for red over white. Spring/summer will be the opposite. Afternoon parties lend themselves to lighter consumption, stock up on wine and beer over the hard stuff.  Friday and Saturday night parties will often last longer than Monday night affairs.
  • When purchasing mixers like soda, juice and tonic water, opt for liter bottles instead of cans.  This saves you money, cuts down on waste, and will reduce your clean up time.

The Science

The table below should help you plan for your next party.  Keep in mind this is just a guide, feel free to adjust based on you and your guests preferences.

BEVERAGE 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-24
Red Wine 

4 bottles 7 bottles 10 bottles 12 bottles
White Wine 

4 bottles 7 bottles 10 bottles 12 bottles

1 case 2 cases 2-3 cases 3 cases

1 fifth 1-2 fifths 2 fifths 3 fifths

1 fifth 1-2 fifths 2 fifths 3 fifths

1 fifth 1 fifth 2 fifths 2 fifths

1 fifth 1 fifth 2 fifths 2 fifths

1 fifth 1 fifth 1 fifth 1-2 fifths


Five 2-liter bottles Six 2-liter bottles Eight 2-liter bottles Eight 2-liter bottles

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